Monday, 8 August 2011

Quilty Quarters

It's finished... I absolutely love it. Love the little tiny 1/4" inner purple border too, do you like it? Just a hint of seasoning and the whole thing comes together beautifully... not that I would say this quilt is beautiful... I'd describe it as 'stunning' Toot Toot Toot.
I had a good old root in the Quilty Quarters cupboards and drawers... found a most gorgeous backing fabric. It needs a few strips of fabric before it's big enough but I rooted for those at the same time... and came up trumps!! I cant wait to get this quilt top sandwiched and finished.. alas it will have to wait, the pins are all STILL in the fishy bubbles. Have been doing my chores, like a whirlwind I tell you... woooosh... I'm off again.


yorkie mom said...

I love it too! great quilt!

Maggi said...

Yes, stunning is definitely the right word for it. That inner border is just right.

Quinta da Quilter said...

Love it!

VivJM said...

I can see why you love it! Wonderful quilt :-)

Colleen said...

I've been watching this gorgeous quilt come together. so much FUN! I should have posted before this, I love the purple accent border!!! Blogging with other quilters is so inspiring and YOU have inspired ME!
Happy Quilting!