Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 2

Lacey Anne finished the quilt she started at our Katharine Guerrier workshop at the beginning of June. She's made hers lighter in the centre gradually getting darker towards the edges, it's quite fabulous! She had decided that this quilt has enough busy-ness to make it perfect for free motion quilt practice. She drew a grid of 3" squares on paper, to give her a helping hand on pattern size, pencil doodled for a while then set about quilting... she did great..., click the picture to have a better look at Anne's progress. She says it's fun and therapeutic... I agree!.. she must work on remembering to breathe though, ha ha ha
Helen finished one of her/your charity block quilt tops at home so was able to sandwich as soon as she arrived at the Quilt Cave. In no time at all, Helen was quilting. First she's quilting in the ditch (ditch hopping) to stabilize the whole thing then she will go back and individually quilt each block. It will be good practice for new designs too. Thanks to you for donating, there are enough blocks to make a second quilt to raffle but that will wait until this one is completed.
Arty Janet continues to work on her very wonky, funky star quilt. The sashing fabric has been taken out of the plan now and the very tricky job of joining the stars together kept Arty Janet busy all day, she doesn't half pull some funny faces when she's a pondering! he he he. The aim, I think she said, is to have a kinda-sorta hexagon-ally shape to work with, we will have to wait and see... don't go worrying about her, I checked and she ensures me that she's enjoying it.
Foxy Margaret is quilting this lovely Log Cabin project all by her very own self... previously she's had Helen do the quilting for her. Every time I see this quilt I like it more and more... I love the colours. It looks even better with all the quilting... there's a good way to go yet but it will look fabulous on that antique chair she told us about. Hopefully I will be able to show you a picture when it's in place.
Krafty Karen, by the end of the day, had finished enough border blocks to call the job 'done'... she laid them out to decide which goes where and took a photograph with her mobile phone, to help her remember the order of the blocks... clever eh! She will probably be able to work on this at home and most likely will be making a sandwich next week. (pssssssssst... Karen, did you get fabric for the backing?)

Maid Marion finished the quilting on her huge quilt.
My Mum (Gwynneth) made another sandwich with her Pineapple Blossom quilt... to join her little queue and made a good start on quilting her Friendship Star quilt.
Arty Beryl was making BEAUTIFUL crazy pieced cards with waxed, pressed flowers and embellished with all sorts... this lady is on a roll...
There were other ladies with us too... another fabulous, fun day in our Quilt Cave... everything is back to normal!
We meet again on Friday, 12th August, 10am - 3pm as usual.
More new fabrics have arrived for Table Top Shop, wadding on the side, won't you pop over to see them?

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