Saturday, 20 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Barbie used her bonus Half Square Triangles (HST's) to make a rather stunning border. She had to do quite a bit of fiddling to get it to fit as the calculation formula for coping strips indicated that we didn't need to add one. Barbie discovered that her machine needle had been in the wrong position so all the seams were a tiny-weeny bit too small... how irritating eh... just a tiny bit over 28 seams adds up to a lot though. At least she didn't need to unpick anything, she was able to go over each seam with a second line of stitching and the problem was solved! She's going to make a pieced backing next week and, hopefully, a sandwich.
Maid Marion is determined not to start another project until this one is totally finished. She's hand stitching the binding and says it's a long way round a double quilt... actually, she's a little chatterbox who stops sewing while she listens and chatters... that's why it's taking her ages, there's no rush though eh... chatting and giggling is too much fun not to participate!... not long now, she's planning to buy the fabric next week for her new project.
Dotty Maureen bought some beautiful fabrics from the NEC last weekend, perfect for the Stained Glass type quilt she's been wanting to make. She had seen Ruth struggle a bit making hers so Dotty decided to do a sample set of blocks with yukky fabrics, just to get the method sorted out. I say yukky fabrics because the dye from them was all over Dotty's hands when she had finished. She's ironed out the problems she encountered and so can make another start using the good fabrics... next time.
Gilly still has not found the other half to her quilt, she looks like she's getting rather cross with herself now. She's going to go through all the bags she ever brought to class, the car boot and even coat pockets until she finds it. Meanwhile... these tiny HST's (Half Square Triangles) that measure only 1 1/4" are Gilly's 'Leaders and Enders' inspired by Bonnie at Quiltville. That means they will be 3/4" finished making... ooo heck, 3" star blocks!!! remember, this is curtain fabric so it's quite a bit thicker that our normal fabrics for patchwork!
We only had a small group so there was time for me to make a sandwich of my very own. It can be hanging over the banister until I decide how I want to quilt it... each time I pass by it I'll doodle my finger across hoping for inspiration.

That's it for this time... we meet again next Wednesday 24th and on Friday 26th August. 10am to 3pm as usual and there is a fabric order of 19 bolts on it's way which should be in the Table Top Shop just in time for your next visit.

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Maggi said...

Barbie's half square triangle border looks fantastic. Love hand sewing binding and I can talk and watch TV at the same time - get Marion to multi task!!

Who didn't wash her dyed fabrics well enough then?? For yukky fabrics they look pretty good. Can't wait to see the real ones.

Half a quilt cannot be lost, it has to turn up at some stage, sure it is not in your pile somewhere?? 3" is hard enough with ordinary fabric. Gilly is very brave to make them from curtain fabric - or mad!

Ooh yours is looking so good, like the idea of doodling over it every time you go by it.