Friday, 29 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

One sandwich belonging to Chris The 'Mended' Foot, could even be time for a new name... We pondered over quilting design, thread colours and time limit... 'Twas decided that Chris should stitch in the ditch (ditch hopping as we have come to call it) following the secondary design of wavy lines. That will stabilize the centre. Then she's going to quilt the borders with something simple, trim and bind the quilt then Chris can quilt the cream areas according to how much time she has left, could be a simple heart in the middle or four hearts using the pointy bits as the bottom of the hearts... we will have to wait for Chris to show us pictures of the results as we won't see this quilt again.. it's off to the USA.

Brenda Barbara is thrilled to bits with the speed she's able to piece this 10 minute block quilt... she added another two Cathedral-y bits to the two centre junctions. She's going to do the hand stitching as homework and is already planning another 10 Minute Block quilt for a gift, I told you she loved it!

Margaret not only practised her first ever free motion quilting... she actually used it and almost completed her Butterfly Bed Runner quilt... that's the way to do it, practice practice practice, don't waste time unpicking, keep going and you will improve your free motion stitching.

Kate also made a sandwich, white wadding and white backing and stitching with white thread... easy choices. She started quilting with following the sashing lines stitching in the ditch, again to stabilize the quilt. Kate will go back to each individual block and decide how to quilt them, most will involve shadow quilting as the appliqué is so pretty that it would be a shame to over quilt it all.
Helen was adding sashing strips to her  nine and a half inch blocks, the ones sent in by your good selves after a request to help Helen fund raise for a school play. Some of the blocks were tricky sizes but once they were sorted out, it was all together quite quickly. She didn't quite finish the last few sashing bits as we ran out of time.

There were other ladies too, Lynda, Ann, Gwynneth and Maid Marion but no time for my photo taking, so you will have to stay in suspense about their progress, and there's been a lot!
I did manage to sandwich my fishy bubbles quilt, an early arrival at the hall and Dave helping to prepare the room for class helped with that... what a treat it is to have someone get all the tables out and up and then arrive in time to put them all away, a good thing about holiday season eh!

Right, I hope you have all remembered that we will not be meeting in Caverswall Village Hall next week, neither Wednesday nor Friday... the ladies might never forgive me, they've been on my case all week telling me I should open up as I am not going away anywhere, ha ha ha.... I am staying home to sew!!! I'm sure I shall blog my progress, no matter how slow.

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