Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Messy Maureen works in a charity shop. Someone donated a pair of curtains and Maureen thought the colours were wonderful, so she purchased them. The fabric isn't too thick so they were fine. She had cut up one curtain and brought the fruits of her work to class to ask how could she join them to make a quilt top. I started to play with the pieces and Maureen decided I had made them look like the original curtain... who knew there was an original curtain?? so, to cut a long story short... we abandoned the bits and made a sandwich with the other curtain, Messy Maureen was practising Quilt-in-a-Day me thinks, ha ha ha, this quilt will be finished before you know it.
What a terrible photo... I'll say it before you do, but you get the idea... Giggly Gillian wanted to piece a few of her blocks together so that she can show it to the lady she's making it for next week. The blocks will all be on point actually but she needs only to show the colours rather than the design... I think you will agree that the colours are wonderful, bright, fresh and stunning!
Marisabel took delivery of her very own Juki sewing machine... shiny shiny! She has decided that my mistake from last week was a good thing, her faux piped binding looked great with the accent fabric showing on the back so she made the second one just the same. She will finish the binding at home because she wanted to make a Mat & Ruler bag for her new equipment, those mats are difficult to transport around without a proper bag... but I bet you already knew that, did you make your bag yet? Tutorial is on the right side bar...
Lizzy is ready to start a new project. She likes to make one block quilts. The tough thing is deciding which one block to use. She chose this one and, at a glance I figured that it might be a little troublesome so I suggested that Lizzy make up one block using her left over fabrics, which she did. The problems started with the 1/4" foot, it seems that the guide that Lizzy depends on has moved itself a tiny bit to the right so all the seam allowanced were too big. With a change of foot, the seam allowances were quite a bit too small... she's going to choose a different block, this was too fiddly to make a double quilt with.
Lovely Lyn was ever so quiet for the first part of our day. It turned out that she was concentrating on cutting her strips perfectly to size because as soon as she announced that the strips were cut... she came back to our conversations... sometimes we just need to focus eh.... she is cracking on with her blocks and for homework will make up the 72 Half Square Triangle units for the Saw Tooth border blocks which give this quilt the "Wow factor"
Lizzy had been doing her quilting at home and was able to bring 'show and tell' This little lap quilt has been made with butterfly fabrics and Hour Glass blocks. Lizzy made it as a tribute to her Mother who loved butterflies. What a lovely idea, now Lizzy has a lovely quilt with lovely memories to keep her knees warm... it's a great size for a car quilt, which seems to have sparked off a few ideas with the other ladies... well we had such a terrible winter this time, we need to be prepared eh!!

We will meet again on Tuesday 9th August. We all have busy diaries for the next two weeks and we can change things to suit ourselves if we want to, as we have done, ha ha ha.

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