Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris No Visible Limp Good Foot spent the day adding borders to her quilt top. The first border was done with the same brown as the pointy point stars and it doesn't half make the stars 'pop' out, very good decision!... to be sure to get thin inner borders accurate, stitch on a strip 1/4" wider than necessary then trim the border down when it's stitched on, eg Chris wanted a finished 1/2" inner border so she cut her strips 1 1/4", after stitching she was able to get all the strips perfectly sized and straight... well worth the effort... for very thin borders, it isn't worth it for wider ones.
Shirley Lerly was quilting her borders using the Bernina stitch number 4 set to a 2.6 length (I Think), a very popular stitch indeed. Gentle wavy lines look great on a border. Shirley added three lines per border and was able to trim all the excess fabric and wadding ready for her binding, which might well be done at home, she's also been working on those gorgeous pink and aqua blocks... looking great!
Irene has been working on a few small projects of late... she is quilting the borders of another cat mat so she'll have about 10 to stitch the binding on to. 9-patch units are always pleasing to the eye... some times simple is best... certainly great for relaxing the mind... it's like a little mindless stitching shall we say? Irene has plans for something more complex soon, watch this space...
My Mum Gwynneth also cut her inner border a little wider than needed, This time she wanted a 1/4" finished green inner border, so she cut 1" strips, stitched them to the quilt top then carefully trimmed the strip to a 1/2" wide making it look like she did the whole think impeccably. The pink border will be 3/4" followed by a 2 1/2"" pink stripe. The thin pink and green borders are the seasoning to the quilt... like a little salt and pepper, to enhance the flavour! ha ha ha 
Wendy only needs to stitch down her binding and this quilt will be ready to use. It's one of two that she started at our recent Katherine Guerrier workshop. The designs show up very well don't they, just a matter of placing the dark and light fabrics in the right place... easy! Again Wendy quilted this quilt from the back following the fabric design of large flowers.
Wendy was the only lady wanting to make a Bargello quilt today, no worries as the others had a touch of PMS (Pleasing My Self) and carried on with their own 'things'.
I will go over the basics again both on Friday this week and both days  next week as lots of ladies were not able to come today. As you see here Wendy got one strip set completed, I noticed that she stops sewing while chatting to her quilty chums... Wendy chats a lot! ha ha ha, it's all about the fun day, not just the stitching!
Foxy Margaret got a lot done today. She had decided to add one extra row to her Log Cabin lap quilt, so we did that... she added the sashing and corner stones then rooted about in her bag for a border fabric. The backing was chosen too... I asked Margaret whether it was time for a sandwich, to which she replied... "no thanks, I've already eaten!" ha ha ha... she realised what she had said a short while after we finished laughing... we will make the sandwich next time....

We meet again on Friday 22nd July, 10am - 3pm.

Please remember that our Quilt Cave at Caverswall Village Hall will be closed for the first week of August. That's no quilting on 3rd or 5th August

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Maggi said...

The inner border on Chris' quilt looks really good. I also like it on your mums. Basically I like narrow inner borders! That scrap quilt of Wendy's looks gorgeous.