Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quilty Quarters

Almost a whole day in my Quilty Quarters... Perfect!
It's holiday season here... This home is in 'relax' mode... I don't actually enjoy going 'away' on holidays... you might think that's a little weird, but remember, I am a big fan of PMS (Pleasing My Self), you go 'away' on your jolly holidays if you want to,.. I am happy to be here, relaxing... playing in my Quilty Quarters... (not that I am on holiday yet, that's next week) I've been rooting, rooting and more rooting... learning, steady cutting and stitching, choosing and experimenting... here's the progress so far... Continuing making blocks based on the Katharine Guerrier workshop I attended at the beginning of June. In her book she suggests making piles of blocks and not attempting to 'place' them until they are all done... I've only popped them on my design wall to show you... loving it... but they are back in small piles now... until I make some more blocks, no final decision will be made on design.

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My Life In Quilts said...

It looks like a lovely combination of wonky star and crazy quilt! Love it!