Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Mum's Finished Another...

After making the red and cream quilt, the one using the Kayak block My Mum (Gwynneth) decided she never wanted to stitch anything with triangles ever again in her life... a sentiment shared by a few others in our groups... this thought usually hits after completing a patchwork design that's rather fiddly. As you can see there are no triangles in Mum's latest finished quilt... or are there??
The pattern fro this can be found by clicking here 
Take a look at this fabulous pieced backing... go on, look closer... click on the picture if you need to, there are triangles in there... the blocks are set 'on point' and to do that Mum had to insert setting triangles. She's cured again now, the fear of triangles has passed, I think she will share my aversion to blocks needing fussy templates for a long time yet though... it turns out that they were the problem, not wonderful triangles.
Click on the first picture to see the quilting too, number 4 stitch on Mum's little Bernina... cool eh!

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mrosaliajose said...

Hello dear Angie
Are you well, your familly and molly? Are all good, I am fine.
I love so much your mother´s quilt. Is it like disapeared nine patch? I searched in net but I don´t find it.Can you help me?
All the best for you.Thanks