Saturday, 23 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Annie Pie works on several projects at the same time. She's continued making up more of the blocks we started at our Katharine Guerrier workshop, she's going to applique flowers on her Bento Box and she is making a stunning pieced backing for her Square Dance quilt... very busy lady...

Helen was very happy to deliver the quilt she has been quilting for Foxy Margaret. She's done a great job, you might be able to see her quilting if you click on the picture. Helen has now decided that even though she really enjoys the quilting process, for other people it's very stressful and won't be taking on any more in the near future.

Barbie has a broken toe and should not be walking around... my Mum (Gwynneth) was trying to help by pinning blocks and sashing for Barbie and delivering them to her at the machine, in time to stop Barbie leaving her machine to fetch the next one... they were laughing... Mum kept shouting "sit down!" to Barbie as she delivered the next bit to be stitched, This made Barbie stitch faster to get to my Mum before she saw Barbie move... they started to race each other... oh it was funny.. I guess you had to have been there.

Dotty Maureen has a new bag pattern. It doesn't have many pictures, just lots of written descriptions of 'how to'... she had long quiet spells as she figured it out... but she was successful, all the components were ready for quilting by the end of the meeting. Dotty helped pin Maid Marion's huge quilt in the middle of all that too.

Brenda Barbara brought in some lovely fabrics to make a quilt using the 10-Minute blocks with the Cathedral-y window-y bits. She carefully cut her blocks out, taking her time to get the right combinations. She was so surprised at how quick these blocks come together... she was very excited to see the rapid progress and almost refused to pack up and go home... she wanted to stay for another hour or two! ha ha ha

Gilly is back with this lattice garden project and it is coming along a treat. You can see the woven lattice bits better now that they are stitched together can't you. Gilly is being careful to get everything in the right order but..., she's lost a few blocks and is hoping to find them mixed with another project, fingers crossed Gilly, square one is a long way back!

Maid Marion couldn't believe her luck... she chose backing fabric, had Dotty Maureen and myself helping her to make a sandwich... while she opened all the pins at the speed of light... she was happily quilting in no time. After stitching in the ditch of the strips and blocks she's going to use the 'points and bellies' free motion quilting method again... which will make a flower shape over the pin wheels.. they will look fabulous!

We meet again on Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th July.
The following week, I know I already told you... I am making sure you remember, we will not meet,  no quilting in Caverswall Village Hall on 3rd nor 5th August

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