Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

What a day!!! We had a full house, full of ladies and full of chatter, full of happy atmosphere and so many projects... every table was in use, our Quilt Cave was full to the brim! There wasn't a lot of time for picture taking but here's the few Mum took...
I'll start with this one, taken at a strange angle... Wendy started this Bargello quilt last Wednesday, (you can scroll down in the posts to see that if you like, she had cut the strips and sewn a few together) we should not have been surprised when Wendy came with her spectacular Bargello Quilt top completed, WOW, just gorrrrrgeous eh! except there wasn't room today for all the sandwiches to be prepared... lots were done by other ladies... Wendy had plenty of other stitching to be getting on with so she decided to wait.

Arty Janet has made quite a few of these very wonky stars now. She wants them to be joined up in a random manner. We decided that they needed something to frame each one as the assorted backgrounds, though beautiful, didn't have the right effect... do I sound like an artist?? No, I know, but I know what I'm trying to say... anyway, we liked this strong colour for a little Liberated sashing, it looks a bit much in the picture but they will only be narrow in the finished quilt, not that the whole quilt will be made up of random stars... lets see where it goes next...
Helen made a strong (and brave) decision... she's not going to start any more quilts... not until she's caught up on her PhD's, she has a few Projects Half Done you see, this advent calendar was started last year, it's a panel only needing quilting... never the less, it missed last Christmas. This year it will be ready in plenty of time... today Helen had it quilted, trimmed, binding attached and stitched by machine... DONE!! Then she got out the blocks that many ladies had sent to her for the fundraising. The design is sorted, the sashing has been chosen... Helen's on a roll!
Annie Pie wasn't able to come last week so she started her Bargello today. After a little, very informative talk from yours truly (toot toot, he he he) fabrics were chosen, final colour placement was decided and bits were stuck to the design sheet, just to ensure the strips get sewn together in the correct order, then Annie set about cutting the 1 1/2" strips ... lots of them.
My Mum (Gwynneth) is making Friendship Star blocks with the left over HST's (Half Square Triangles) from making her Pineapple Blossom quilt top, which was, and still is, waiting to be sandwiched. It's fine, we might have a bit of time to sandwich it on Friday, until then... there are enough HST's for 24 Friendship Star blocks so that should keep her busy.
There were many other projects being worked on, I'll get pictures another day, for now, tea needs to be consumed and feet need to go up... boy was I kept busy!! woooohooo fun, fun, fun.

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