Thursday, 14 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Maid Marion needed a little help to cut the long border strips, it wasn't because she couldn't do it though... this fabric is soooo gorgeous that she couldn't bring herself to cut it up, he he he. She only needs to stitch the top and bottom border strips on and she'll be ready to make her sandwich. She bought fabrics for this projects guided by the amounts stated in the book so she has loads left over... we are going to play with them on Friday, hopefully we'll make a fabulous pieced backing.

Wendy spent her day doing free motion quilting. She's used a lovely fabric for the backing, it's covered in huge flowers and leaves so... she's quilting from the back and following all the big flowery bits... it looks brilliant. It's causing one or two tricky moments because Wendy can't see where the centres of the pin-wheels are, which are a bit thicker, if she could she would be able to avoid them... hey ho... it will all be worth it in the end.

Maggie has most of her quilt stabilized, she stitched in the ditch of the sashing strips. She says she's not enjoying pushing and pulling her project through the little 'hole'... well, who does? She has a slightly bigger machine that she will bring to her next meeting, perhaps that will help? I shall be on hand with the big Juki... she'll have no problem with that beast... great height on the 'hole' and wide enough for a big quilt to boot, believe me... I'm loving mine!

Arty Beryl... I'm always a little stuck for how to describe Beryl's work... I just stand with my mouth agape... it's soooo beautiful, in my eyes that is.... Even though it is absolutely stunning, it's not everyone's 'cup of tea' no matter... if we all liked the same things it would be a boring old world eh... my photos never truly show how gorgeous Beryl's work is... she's started embellishing the blocks... stunning, totally stunning.

Now speaking of free piecing and it not being everyone's 'cup of tea'... After a short tutorial about crumb piecing, Helen started on her scrap collection. Many ladies in the group have no intention, EVER... not even a seed of an idea... to do crumb piecing. To be fair, Helen wasn't convinced at the start... oh, she's changed her tune.. by the end of the day she was very much 'in to it'.. she used bits smaller than I would bother with... and she giggles as she does it...

Krafty Karen's 'animal magic' (good name Karen?) project... with two side borders almost completed there's only the top and bottom left to piece. She was starting to feel like she would never get it finished, that happens with a lot of larger projects though... but she left feeling all inspired again after we had spread out all the blocks and pieces and took stock of everything... it's coming along a treat.

Arty Janet continued making her star blocks, she was finding it very tedious trying to get all the joins and points matched up, so... she took the great decision to go wonky... by that I mean that she decided to liberate her piecing and take each star as it happened...and don't they look great, Janet is totally loving them... she was feeling rather pleased with herself by the end of our fun day and she went home singing with excitement... I promise you... I am not exaggerating!

We meet again on Friday 15th July, 10am - 3pm.

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