Sunday, 3 July 2011

Quilty Quarters

Some fool accidently made three of these blocks a 1/4" too small... so, it took longer than I expected to get it all together... only because of the aforementioned 'fool'... I'm not sure how it happened but it did, good job I have fudging skills eh! Some of the sashing isn't lined up as exact as it could have been without the fool getting it wrong but I think  it looks OK. 
Borders... as you can see I have done a 'Joan The Shop' manoeuvre... by that I mean, it could have been finished today but I am going to add appliqué bubbles all over the border squiggle-y fabric.... no caterpillars, just fishy bubbles.
I found some round plastic templates in a 'stuff I might need in the future, so I better buy one of those' drawer, tee hee
Right now I am off to the Table Top Shop to buy some sticky stuff... Steam-A-Seam 2... lucky for me the Table Top Shop is right on hand... on my driveway!!
Did you guess who the blooming 'fool' was?? Yup, Yours truly!

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