Sunday, 17 July 2011

Quilty Quarters

I plan to finish this quilt today, not that I've even started it yet. I chose the thread, a rather lovely King Tut dusky-pinky beige-y. I'm thinking of using the walking foot and shadowing the stars, just thinking... I shall doodle my finger over the patchwork until a decision is made... by me, myself, yours truly Sunday morning and I'm practicing PMS, yeeeeha!

Next I want to work on these, I know it's a rubbish picture...Obviously on the left is the backing to my Fishy Kaleidoscope.. isn't is fabulous!! I rooted and rooted and came up trumps! (what a funny expression!) It will be sandwiched just as soon as the pins have been liberated from the pinky stars I'm working on today.
On the right is a PhD, a Project Half Done... I made it only to use some new fabric that had arrived for the Table Top Shop, new rulers were delivered too, the Tri-Recs ones, (I had ordered them so I could make a Tennessee Waltz for my very own self) also I wanted to try something from a new book I bought about settings for quilts. So I learned a lot making it up. It just needs a border treatment and, as I am rather enjoying doing pieced borders right now, that's what I might do... we shall see, for now I will keep looking at it as I leave Quilty Quarters (to make tea etc) as it's hanging over the door for inspiration.
Right, I'm off to make a start... first I have to cat lick the house..... like a whiiiiiiiiiirl wind!! ha ha ha

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Sheila said...

I've always wondered about the origin of the 54-40 block, so looked it up for both of us!

I really like both your star quilts! The bright one... did the star blocks start out the same size before the 'borders'?