Friday, 15 July 2011

Quilty Quarters

Another finish... except it doesn't have a label... I haven't come up with a name for this quilt yet. I know they don't have to have names, so long as my name is on the label my duties are done but I like naming my quilts.. I actually like naming every ones', ha ha ha. So the label can wait, one day something will pop into my head... How about Floribunda? hmmmmm an abundance of florals . oooooh I like that! See.. it just popped in there.
The binding has been done by machine, front and back, I can no longer hold a needle so my days of snuggling up on the sofa hand stitching are finished I'm afraid. Doing binding by machine is a 'needs must' for me, not a choice. I rooted for ages to find this dusky, pale purple-y, dotty fabric for the binding, looks good eh.
I have another sandwich made, the batik stars, "Pinky But Not Pink" so tomorrow I shall, no matter what.... be quilting it... I'm on a PhD finishing roll!! The Fishy Kaleidoscope is waiting to be sandwiched too. 
Were going to be starting Bargello in the Quilt Cave next week and I want to get the tutorial cut up and started... Dave is off to Cosford with the flying machines so I'll be spending a good, long stitchy weekend in my Quilty Quarters. YEEEEHA!!!

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Colleen said...

I love your Floribunda quilt! It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.