Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quilty Quarters

It took hours and hours, all day in fact, to appliqué all those bubbles... I used my lovely Bernina Blanket Stitch set a bit wider at 2.7 and a bit closer together, I think it was 2.4. I used a thicker red thread too, for effect... and because I already had it... I have to say that a knee lift is such a useful gadget for appliqué, oh yes, made life so much easier... like three hands on the job!...
After carefully measuring the length of the borders through the centre of the quilt, I stitched them on... ta daaaaa... done and I am extremely happy with how it's turned out.
This one is joining the small queue waiting to be quilted... my pins are still in the floral one I sandwiched a few weeks ago. I shall change machines now, I want to use the Big Juki for the quilting.
I didn't choose the backing yet.. time to start rooting and I think you already know how I love to go rooting!

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Louisa said...

This is really beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to see all the beautiful surprises that come out of one piece of fabric!