Saturday, 16 July 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Very Good Foot returned from her travels and is back on the 'mission possible'... as you can see, the centre of the top is complete... not to mention stunning! Tennessee Waltz made with blocks called "54-40 or fight" If anyone can explain why this block has such a name I would love to know about it.  We played around with the rest of Chris's fabrics deciding on the border strips, a pieced border would be wonderful but there's a time limit so strips it will be.

Barbie has eight of her Pineapple Blossom blocks completed. She's making each one exactly the same... some people find thats's much easier than mixing things up and that's just fine, PMS (Pleasing My Self) that's what we like! Placing the blocks together to see how the pattern will look, Barbie gave the thumbs up... she's loving it. She's already decided to add sashing and corner stones when the time comes.

Maddie visits us occasionally as she lives in Lancashire... she makes the most wonderful appliqué projects. If you look close at the picture, you'll see that Maddie has stitched quilt blocks on those paler fabric squares... what a lovely idea eh? She's done hers by hand but I'm thinking.. with the number 16 Presencia Perle thread, maybe variegated and some stabilizer... this will be a great machine project... OK, tis on my list!

Helen finished all the tricky stitching on this block, placed it onto wadding and quilted it with fine precision, it looks sooooo good. You only place wadding on the back of the blocks for this project as the backing will be added at a later stage, clever eh.

Dotty Maureen didn't bring her quilting projects this time, she's making a new dog harness... a lady of many talents!.. she wasn't in a "quilty mood"... but that doesn't mean she didn't want to stitch or visit Kettle Corner or chat or visit Table Top Shop... so she had fun anyway.

Joan The Shop came to play... she's well on the mend now, a little wobbly on her feet but very keen to be sewing. She's decided to finish all 3 of her PhD' projects (Projects Half Done) before she starts a new one.... how many times have we all said that!!! ha ha ha

We meet again on Wednesday 20th July... It will be the first instalment of the Bargello Wall Hanging project... choosing fabrics, cutting strips, stitching and prrrrressing... if you want to, of course... PMS!!


pirate said...

and you can read about the 54-40 or Fight facts at :-)

As to why the *block* is called that, I don't know. Maybe it was created around 1818??

Maggi said...

Lovely quilts as always. I also googled the quilt block and came up with this, amongst many others.