Friday, 30 September 2011

Annie Pie's Bargello Quilt

Annie Pie proudly held up her Bargello quilt for us and we all said exactly the same thing ... "Wow!"
Annie hadn't intended for it to be a wall hanging, she doesn't usually plan what things are going to be, what size they will finish at... she makes it up as she goes along...  PMS (Pleasing My Self)
Most Bargello quilts are visually stunning... (not sure we can say that but, to me, that's exactly how Bargello quilts are) Annie's is definitely stunning! She's decided to add a hanging sleeve and to try it out on a wall... bet she leaves it there!
I often have my Bargello Garden quilt on the wall because I want to see it all the time...  there's a hanging pole on the wall directly opposite our bathroom door you see, I change the quilt often... this may be too much information for you, hey ho... if I don't shut my loo door... I get to enjoy my wall hangings for a few minutes every day... don't worry... I only do it when no-ones home! ha ha ha

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