Friday, 16 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I told you we expected to be busy!! We had a great day, as usual...
Brenda Barbara was working on her Jennie Rayment Twiddle and Tweak project. I can't begin to describe how happy she is with her work... she loves the colours she chose, she loves the fabrics she chose, she's loves the design... she's loving everything about it... she's going to make the first pieced border blocks next... and she loves them too!!!
My Mum (Gwynneth) has started something new. This block, in our 500 blocks book, is called North Wind. I'd seen a photo somewhere on T'Internet of a finished quilt made with this block using only two colours, quite spectacular it was... I mentioned it to Mum, we found the pattern... on Wednesday she got her fabric, at home on Thursday she made lots of HST's (Half Square Triangles) and today she cracked on with loads of blocks... you do remember that she's not a quilter don't you!!!!

Ann came to play, she wanted to make a sandwich but the top needed a little more doing to it. After a good long think... we decided that it needed a little border between the main part and the binding, so a little work ended up being a bit more work... never mind, she had fun and enjoyed the day... Ann ran out of time to make the sandwich, so she's going to come again.
You can come along just to make your sandwich if you like, you don't HAVE to stay all day... and you can still have a cup of tea!
Barbie had finished quilting her brown and cream Pineapple Blossom quilt at home so, we trimmed it, made the binding and stitched it on. The hand stitching will be done at home so it was instantly packed away so that Barbie could start her next quilt... another Pineapple Blossom!! This time in creams with red triangles... stunning!! Here she's trying to figure out something technical on her machine, something to do with tension... also, Barbie has misplaced her 1/4" foot so we were trying to move the needle a bit to the right, she sorted out, eventually.

And that's all the photos I took, very sorry to say it but...
Hey Ho... we had much fun being busy and productive, talking and laughing, learning and cursing (oh yes, we do get a little cursing from time to time, he he he) prrrresing, stitching and "un-stitching" etc etc. No-one remembered the camera... these few photos were taken right at the end of our day in a little panic as I remembered the blog, when half of the ladies had already packed up and were ferrying their stuff to their vehicles.
I've said it before and I will say it again... if you don't want to miss anything, you'll just have to come along for your very own self and see it live!!! ha ha ha

We meet again next week, Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd, 10am - 3pm... I expect it will be fun and busy once again! The ladies don't book they just shout "See You Next Week" as they leave our lovely Quilt Cave, smiling contently!

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Maggi said...

Great Jennie Rayment piece. The cream and red look great together. Definitely a good idea to put a space between the quilt and binding on Ann's - love the mint greens. A non-quilter, your mum - ha ha! Love the colours she has chosen.