Thursday, 1 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

What a busy day... lots of ladies came to play and the atmosphere was just wonderful... No matter what mood you bring with you to our Quilt Cave, (and let's face it, we're not all happy bunnies of a morning...) You go home happy!!
Happy is definitely how Krafty Karen was feeling... she only needs to add the final border and this animal quilt is ready for a sandwich. Karen's already cut the border fabric and it will be ready to be stitched, you never know, it might even be ready for a breakfast time sandwich when she comes next week.
You will be very pleased and probably relieved to know that Gilly did eventually find the missing half of her Garden Twist quilt top... don't let her know that I told you... it was exactly where she had left it... wooohooo... hanging in her wardrobe to keep it safe from wrinkles. She's worked so hard on this quilt, it would have been tragic to have to have made a second 'other half' only to find the original when it was completed. Anyway, no point in worrying about what didn't happen, it's nearly finished now... phew!
Annie Pie brought lots of jars of home made jams for us to buy, there were many delicious flavours and fruity combinations to choose from! Thank you Annie.
You can't see her face but I can tell you, Annie Pie is proudly holding up her Bargello quilt, she's working on quilting it at the moment. These quilts don't need a lot of fancy quilting because the design is stunning enough... only a few chosen lines, following the sweeps up and then the sweeps down is perfect...
A few weeks ago Wendy had mentioned that she had loads of tiny little square that she didn't know what to do with. Start by making 4-patch blocks... possibly, increase to 9-patch blocks??... just a passing comment of mine... look how fabulous it all turned out... a fabulous, fun quilt. There are still lots of tiny square for Wendy to play with, lets see what she comes up with next... oooooh How about 9-patch star centres... in fact 9 patch centres for any block would be great I'm thinking, just thinking.
Foxy Margaret was quilting her Log Cabin quilt and once she had enough of doing that she decided to start her next project. She's changed her mind about which fabrics she's going to use, that's fine PMS is encouraged, wooohooo... It's a method that Margaret has never tried before, a little fiddly but fabulous when finished.
Arty Janet has managed to get all of her wonky stars together... she did have to make a few additional stars to complete the diamond shape but, as she's becoming quite an expert on piecing funny shapes, that wasn't a problem... in fact, large wonky stars were mentioned as Janet was pondering how to get this small diamond centre to be a perfect fit for a double bed... hmmmmm
We had two new ladies join us. One complete beginner who happily named her very own self as Chatty Cathy, she worked on a Railfence table runner... in between all the chatting, he he he, she told me she'd had a lovely day... fantastic news!
We also welcomed Jolly Jo, she's been a quilter for a while and has recently uprooted and come to live near by, lucky for us... I don't suppose she moved house just to be closer to us really... it just looks that way.... she has a few PhD's (Projects Half Done) and intends to get them all finished... watch this space...
Annie Pie... these are the strips she cut for her second Bargello quilt. Annie asked me whether she could make a Bargello quilt using a Jelly Roll... the other Bargello is made with 1 1/2" strips and the smallest cuts are only 3/4" wide. Does anyone know how to translate that to 2 1/2" wide strips? We'd love to know, otherwise I'll have to make one to help Annie... but my "To Be Finished" list is long enough right now...

We meet again Tomorrow, Friday 2nd September... 10am - 3pm for more stitchy fun in Caverswall Village Hall.


Maggi said...

Good news about Gilly's quilt, it looks so lovely. The animal quilt is great and so is Wendy's made of the squares. Looks like hand piecing for Margaret with her new project?? bargello looks fantastic with its border on - and she makes jam as well!! Lovely fabrics showing in Janet's wonky stars. Sounds like your two newbies are going to become regulars. Sorry can't help with the jelly roll, I don't even know what one is, herd of them yes but easily resisted purchasing!

Sheila said...

For Annie's new bargello: Take the new strip size and divide by the old strip size. 2.5/1.5 = 1.66. Then take that measurement and multiply by each of the former strip cuts to get the new strip cuts. So, for your smallest strip, 0.75" x 1.666 = 1.25"

Dottymo said...

Why not cut all the strips to the same width as before?