Saturday, 24 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lynda finished quilting diagonally through the centre of her quilt and made a start on her borders. After stabilizing them with black thread she's going to have a go at stitching uneven zig-zags... the beauty of uneven is that they can all be different heights and widths... much, much easier than trying to get them all exactly the same which would need more planning and probably need drawing and calculating... oh yes... Liberated Quilting is so much easier!!!

Sue (Late Sue) finished her Mat & Ruler bag at home and arrived with it loaded up and perfectly positioned over her shoulder... looking very stylish I must say. So, she's now making a Big Quilted Panel Bag to match... rather chic! It takes a bit of time to cut out all the pieces, to bag and quilt them, but after that it comes together very quickly.
As predicted, Chris The Foot was able to make a sandwich with her baby quilt so she spent the day quilting... she got a lot of the basic stabilizing done so now she can decide how to quilt the rest, a few hearts, a few kisses, a few wiggly lines and curly whirly bits, maybe a daisy or two... Chris's going to do pencil doodles first to see what will look good.
Shirley Lerly was undecided what to make last week. She wasn't enjoying making the complicated blocks she had been working on, I must admit I find piecing with templates rather tedious too. The few blocks Shirley did make will be incorporated in the back of her new quilt. She's really enjoying the new idea for the top... 9-Patch framed with Hour Glass blocks... I had thought the aqua stars would be very noticeable but in this picture it looks like the gorgeous pink fabrics will be taking that job... it's looking quite stunning so far.
Early Sue made the decision to buy a new sewing machine, how very exciting!!! These Juki machines are wonderful. Sue set the Juki up and plugged it in for the first time and had a quick starter lesson... you know the way it is... how to prepare the bobbin, how to thread the machine, where's the 1/4", what the knee lift does... I Love the knee lift!!!! She's very happy with her new purchase... Marvellous... that's the word Sue used! She's making small pieced blocks to frame her Railfence quilt, more on that next time.
Dotty Maureen must have been rooting at home and found this PhD (Project Half Done) Tumbling Blocks... she bought a piece of fabric big enough to appliqué the quilt top to. She had told me she needed three tables but she wasn't making a sandwich... she taped the fabric to the tables leaving me quite confused... why tape the fabric to the table if it's not going to be a sandwich? Aha!! The background fabric needed to be taut so that Dotty could pin the quilt to it, stabilizing it ready for the applique... I hope you follow that... I guess you had to be there!
Maid Marion sat like a kiddy at play school all day... She had to draw the shapes, stick fabrics to them, cut them out following the lines, place the tiny little bits onto the prepared background... in the correct order etc etc... she told us that she found it all rather enjoyable actually. She was keeping her beady eye on Helen, directly opposite.... Marion was storing all the tips ready for the next blocks of the...
... Heirloom Quilt..... This is Helen's trapunto and stuffing, cording and fancy stitch corner block... what a fantastic job she made of it.... everything was perfect and she was very pleased how it turned out... 3 more to go! Dotty reads the Heirloom Quilt book, makes a sample piece, passes on all the tips to Helen who makes one too, she then passes all the tips and info on to Maid Marion.... it's all rather perfect isn't it! very happy ladies!
That's all the pictures for this time.
We meet again next Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th September. 10am to 3pm. If you want to join us, pack up a lovely lunch, bring a favourite mug and 'come on over'!! You will be made very welcome... don't forget Annie Pie will be bringing her home made jams and marmalades for the now famous Jam Stall and Gilly will be close by with fresh free range eggs (so fresh... they might still be warm!)... Lots of very lovely new fabrics arrived for the Table Top Shop, wadding under the table!

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