Saturday, 10 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Toot, Toot, Toot ... nothing wrong in blowing your own trumpet, Krafty Karen finished her animal quilt top, fantastic. This is only Karen's second quilt and it's a big one measuring 60" x 84". It's her very own PMS design (Please My Self). The centre blocks are varying sizes of framed squares, each block finished at 10". For the backing Karen chose a paw print fabric from Table Top Shop which was quite perfect, though these animals would have left much larger paw/foot prints  ha ha ha. It was 2:20pm by the time the sandwich was started, which is a bit late for a big quilt so the 'All hands on deck' call was put out and the 400 plus pins were all in place by 3pm... finished in only 30 minutes, brilliant!
Dotty Maureen has been working on these New York Beauty arcs for several weeks, she always managed to get them packed up before I could snap a picture for you... don't they look fabulous. Most of them have been done with foundation piecing but a good few have been done with templates. See the top of the picture? Maureen was the lucky recipient of My Jennie Rayment project, the one I don't want to finish... can you believe that  it's exactly a year since we had Jennie do our workshop, doesn't time fly!

Jenny (Jenny Barlaston not Jennie Rayment) came to play again. She was working in a very organized way as you can see here... which is a good idea when the order of the strips is so important to your pattern We all keep popping over to see how things are coming along on her project... because lots of us have this Clarice Cliff inspired fabric you see, we're looking for inspiration!

Another Toot, Toot, Toot moment... Brenda finished her free motion quilting on the 10 Minute Block quilt. As soon as she did though, she went off shopping at "Table Top Shop, wadding under the other tables" she was on a mission... she's also decided that it's time to finish her Jennie Rayment flower... Inspired by Kate's quilt, Brenda will turn her flower block into a lap throw, and for this she needed a little more fabric.

More Toot, Toot, Toot... this time for Gilly. This is the centre of her quilt top, Garden Twist. It's time to add borders. There will be a 1" green fabric first, to frame the centre perfectly, then Gilly might add a wide border of the floral curtain fabric... on the other hand, she might add a thin strip of floral first followed by another, very thin green strip and then add a wide floral... lots of choices really... So Gilly will add the first green strips to begin with then we will play the auditioning game again. We call all the ladies over to ask their opinions, they fly round the room (The opinions, not the ladies!), then Gilly can take all the comments on board and either throw them out or... go with them... works great!

Barbie quilted the borders of her Pineapple Blossom. Each of those Half Square Triangles (HST's) has been stitched to make it phooophy up a bit. This is one great looking quilt!
Barbie brought Maddie and Sylvia along to play too. Sylvia was doing her cross stitch and Maddie was making a giant Sun Bonnet Sue appliqué pattern...
she got black ink all over herself, like you do at play-school!!!... now that was a noisy table, the one where Dotty and Brenda were sitting too! ha ha ha. Lovely Lyn finished quilting her Log Cabin quilt and Marisabel  was adding the borders to her Bargello wall hanging, no pictures this time. They'll be at Uttoxeter on Tuesday next week though.
We had two lovely new ladies join us, can you believe that they are both named Sue, we called them 'Early Sue' and 'Late Sue' just for the day but were going to have to do better than that for future meetings, he he he.
We had a few visitors too, just popping in to see what the ladies are up to. It's reading about the beautiful and inspiring projects on this blog that brings the ladies in... that and The Table Top Shop of course.
They said they would be back to play... the Quilt Cave meetings are so much fun. Seeing that you can work on UFO's (unfinished objects) which I prefer to call PhD's (Projects Half Done) rather than starting something new was very appealing!
We meet again next week on Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th September 10am - 3pm.. 5 hours of fun!!!

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Lynne said...

I have to say that yours is my all time favourite blog. I check in eager anticipation every day to see the fabulous work your ladies do. I am trying to persuade my hubbie to move to Staffordshire!