Sunday, 4 September 2011

Joan The Shop

I've been visiting Joan The Shop for over three months now. No-one ever thought she would be in hospital for so long, especially after this post followed by this one
She was allowed home on two occasions, each time only to be returned the very next day. She's been very poorly, poor thing.
Yesterday, along with Annie Pie and Dotty Maureen, we had lovely visit. We avoid any talk of illness and try to keep the visit totally quilty. Joan likes to hear all the news from the Quilt Cave and all about our projects...
So, Hexagons again... this time we were helping Joan make a hexagon bag. Each hexagon is a tiny quilt, with a top, backing and wadding. Joan needs 15 of these mini quilts to make the bag you see in the magazine there, they will be joined together with ladder stitch. In the picture Annie's sorting out the mini quilts for us to work on... yes, that container is what it looks like... it's very sturdy and quite perfect for keeping Joan's sewing stuff neat and tidy, he he he. While we giggle and stitch, the other ladies, also very very poorly, are entertained as they look over.., we're like a little whirlwind of fun in the ward!

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Maggi said...

I do hope that your quilty visit helped Joan to feel a bit better. Bet the ward wonders what has hit it when you lot arrive. Better than doom and gloom though.