Thursday, 22 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

As you can see Annie Pie was quilting her Bargello. I described how I had quilted my own project and Annie decided she liked the idea... done deal! Beautiful King Tut thread was loaded up on Annie's machine and she was set up for the day... we might have to re-name... "Annie Pie Supreme Jam Maker"... I think it's bit long but it describes our Annie perfectly. Once again we had a home made jam stall... delicious. She's bringing her jars of jam to sell next Wednesday too, if you would like some...
Wendy continued to work on her very complex blocks. I have to say that Wendy held her tongue very well at the Quilt Cave... there were many moments when she could, quite easily, have turned the air blue, but she didn't! She will not be beaten by a £1 book!!! ha ha ha. Some of the templates are not the right size, some of the fabrics are not playing nicely... but Wendy will do it... come on Wendy... remember how much you love the pattern!!! I remembered another fudging tip that might help you...

Dotty Maureen has been Twiddling and Fiddling on My Jennie Rayment block again... Look what lovely Twiddling she did to the borders... such a simple idea and so very effective.
Dotty is doing little bits of work for everyone it seems. She's making a bag for Joan The Shop. Helping Helen with her Heirloom blocks, Twiddling for me, knitting gloves for someone else... advising everyone with colour and patchwork... busy, busy, busy... just the way she likes it.

Irene has the two borders added to her centre cat pictures and will soon be ready to trim them to look 'Wonky'... it's very easy, you just put your ruler on the block at an angle that you like and trim away. When the blocks are stitched together they will look even more wonky, fun and very eye catching.

Helen rushed in to our Quilt Cave really early... she wanted to make sure she could sit next to Dotty Maureen because she needed help with her Heirloom project. The next block is made with a triangle shaped background... It's quite funny actually... you only have to mention 'triangles' to Helen and she comes over all funny... Triangle Phobia... it's as ridiculous and my Bag Phobia!! ha ha ha. This block has Trapunto and stuffed piping... all new to Helen and Dotty's done it before!

My Mum Gwynneth made more of the North Wind blocks. The design looks good eh... Now... "To make more blocks or, not to make more blocks"... this is the question! I'm liking these kind of questions, they sound easy but there are dilemmas! Large quilts look fabulous but they make for a lot of pushing and pulling on your shoulders whilst quilting them... Mum's pondering the idea of doing "Apartment Quilting" (It's Mum's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Mother Duck!!) 

After a few of us played with block placements, for quite a while... thinking we were helping!!... Chris The Foot was able to sew the blocks together, after marking them all with numbers and rows of course... after all that time spent jiggling the blocks she didn't want to mix things up and have us all "help" again... he he he. This quilt will not have borders added.. we auditioned a few and decided it looked better without... PMS (Please My Self), just the ticket. Missing this step means Chris will be making a sandwich on Friday!

Jolly Jo finished her Split 9-Patch blocks. She decided they didn't look as she had anticipated... so she changed her plan... more PMS, fantastic!!!
Now the quilt is going to be Jo's very own design that she made up all by her very own self... which makes it all the more special doesn't it? She could call herself a Quilt Designer and we would believe her... it's not finished yet, she's doing a little more inventing to make the quilt longer... we'll see what happens next week... exciting eh?

We meet again on Friday 23rd September, 10am - 3pm. Once again it looks like being a busy day, especially in the sandwiching department!
Remember... If you need to make a quilt sandwich on our Quilt Cave tables, you can... refreshments included. All we ask is that you pay £5 towards the room rent, small price to pay when you consider the other 'floor' option, ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

Don't those borders look good on Maureen's? I just love the heirloom quilt and your mothers blocks should definitely continue. Belated birthday wishes to her by the way. I do like those blocks of Wendy's too and glad she is persevering. Annie must be so pleased with her bargello. Wonky cats are always good and Irene's look very cute. Chris was wise to label the rows etc as that is a lovely arrangement and fancy having your own quilt designer in class too. Well done to Jo for doing her own thing - very effective.