Thursday, 15 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Another fun and productive stitchy day at Caverswall Village Hall, affectionately known as Caverswall Quilt Cave. My Mum (Gwynneth) is back from her travels so we were treated, once again, to a fabulous display of some of her quilts, seen here as the background scenery for Chatty Cathy's Railfence Table Runner. Cathy added the inner borders using all of her new skills and fudging tips. The main border was will be added at home. It's a long and slender quilt, made to measure!
Art Beryl had us all speechless once again. What a stunning quilt this is! Beryl was inspired by Annie Pie's borders on her Square Dance quilt. This design is made in the same way we make the Bargello quilts, one of the few methods that Beryl enjoys working with, she usually prefers more Liberated piecing... which is what she went back to as soon as this sandwich was made... he he he
Chris The Good Foot is making a baby girl quilt. It's sort of randomly pieced... to the un-knowing eye that is... it actually takes a lot of brain cells to get the fabrics in the right places, to not have the same fabrics touching and still to show the piecing design... Chris has good healthy brain cells, evidently!
Sue (Early Sue) stitched all of her blocks together quite accurately... just the way she intends to continue! You want to be accurate with 'pointy points', 'matching corners and junctions'... I can share all my fudging tricks with you, I have a lot!!! You want to piece in a more Liberated fashion? Good for you... so long as you enjoy what you're doing, I'm happy! Sue will have three borders on this small quilt.
Fudging tricks have been very helpful to Jolly Jo... 'prrrrrressing in place of ironing', coping strips to make borders fit, pinning from the outside in, measuring borders through the centre of your quilt... and more!
Jo is very happy to be finishing this quilt now, she had almost given up on it.. oh but it's gorgeous!
Wendy is taxing her brain cells again. This design is another from an extremely cheap patchwork book that she bought a while ago... we now know why it was cheap! The instructions are not too clear... Wendy has figured this design now though, very clever lady!! The blocks look almost woven, don't you think? Great colours and fabrics too.
Dotty continued to make her New York Beauty arcs. This could be a long term project for her as she's been working on it for at least 4 weeks, ha ha ha, she usually finished quilts in less time... she's seriously addicted to stitching!!... In the centre of each of the arcs there will be white fabric, I think she said the outer edges will be dark blue, maybe they will be the blue fabric she placed the blocks on to for this picture?

We meet again on Friday, tomorrow, 10am - 3pm and, from all the bookings, it looks like it will be a busy, fun day once again.
New fabrics arrived for Table Top Shop, they are gorgeous!! No extra space was needed as we emptied a few bolts recently, perfect timing then eh!

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Maggi said...

Too much eye candy. I am amazed at how productive your ladies are.