Saturday, 3 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Happy Dance time for Helen, she finished the first of her two fund raiser quilts... all except tying in the threads. These are some of the blocks donated to Helen from here in Caverswall Village to as far away as Australia. Every block has been free motion quilted with a different design, it's been great learning experience for Helen. There was a good amount of fabric left round the quilt so Helen was able to make a wrapped edge in place of binding... she's feeling pretty pleased with herself!
We gathered around the quilt to discuss free motion quilting designs, the other ladies were truly inspired!

Marisabel is getting on very well with her Bargello quilt. She pins and matches all the seams up so carefully before stitching, you would never believe she was new to patchwork and quilting... this quilt will be a stunner!

Jenny came to play. A while ago we all purchased this Fabric Freedom fabric based on Clarice Cliff design, she was a local lass, he he he  Some of us (Including yours truly) can't decide how best to use it because we don't want to cut it up so, Jenny's quilt has a few of us thinking.... Do you recognise the border blocks?? look here.

Brenda Barbara is really enjoying her free motion quilting. She only has a few blocks to go now, it's been great for her to practice as the thread is such a good match you can't really see it, in fact, Brenda got all set up to quilt one block and, as she started, she realised it was already done! he he he, Quilting with the 60 weight thread helped there. Brenda is threatening to work on her Jennie Rayment project, the one she started last year... she's going to bring it in next week as we think Table Top Shop has a perfect fabric for her borders.

Barbie has been bust stitching at home and has all the centre stars done... so she settled down to quilting the bits that go into the borders, the half and quarter star shapes. At the end of the day we heard her cry out.... " How many sides does this quilt have?" ha ha ha... It always feels such a long way round for border stitching, doesn't it.

We meet again next Wednesday 7th and Friday 8th September. 10am - 3pm as usual

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Maggi said...

Lovely efforts again. Too tired to make individual comments as just driven back from Harrogate! I am curious as to how the edges of Jenny's quilt get finished though.