Thursday, 29 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Wendy started her day with the making of sandwiches, two of them... after coffee and chatter that is, there's always a lot of chatter first thing in the morning (later in the morning, during lunch and all afternoon... ha ha ha). Ladies get out their projects to show each other what they've been up to since last time they met, only a week ago... it's a great way to start any day and, no matter what mood we arrive with, after this bit of the day, we're all buzzing and raring to get going....

Wendy eventually fitted her walking foot and started quilting this quilt... which was a pile of unfinished, problematic blocks only last week. She had solved the problem of the inaccurate templates by not adding the final borders to the blocks therefore not needing the 'blooming' templates at all... that'll do it! As you can see, Wendy added applique flowers to the  sashing which looks lovely.
Shirley Lerly always brings her blocks wrapped in foil... all her blocks stay very flat and in the correct order... what a great idea! We pack sandwiches in foil to protect them and keep them fresh... why not patchwork blocks... Shirley's blocks look very fresh and she doesn't get 'cocking up' corners either, quite brilliant. The pretty coloured blocks at the top of the Hour Glass blocks belong to another project... more on that as it happens.
Chris finished stabilizing her baby girl quilt at home so was able to connect her BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) first thing to get cracking on the free motion quilting. She practised for a little while on tiny sandwiches, it's always a good idea to practice a little bit, it helps you to find your 'flow'... if you know what I mean. Chris does use gloves whilst free motion-ing, she was just adjusting things when I took my picture. The baby should be arriving next week so, once again Chris is quilting against the clock.

Lizi came to play, it's been a while since she was able to but she's remembered everything... all the little fudging tricks, pressing with her fingers to prevent warping etc.. she's making very accurate Log Cabin blocks and, I have to say... in absolutely gorgeous colours! Lizi is using  Judy Martin's Log Cabin book for this project and it will be stunning.
There were lots of other things going on too, as usual.

All the ladies are getting quite excited about our upcoming Invisible Machine Appliqué workshop with Dawn Cameron Dick. They're gathering the bits and bobs on the needs list, which is quite simple and mostly what we use all the time any way. YLI Invisible Nylon thread is a must for this workshop, available at all meetings, of course.
More new fabrics have arrived for the Table Top Shop, wadding under the table, along with more threads, new rulers in different sizes, new mats, new pins, new needles... everything you could possibly need!

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