Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Quilty Quarters

Approximately 30" of hand stitching to go and the binding will be finished on this quilt.
About a month ago, I decided to catch up on my PhD's (Projects Half Done) 2 tops, the bright star one and the fishy bubbles kaleidoscope, and the wonky blocks started at the Katharine Guerrier workshop. I usually only work on one quilt until it's almost finished before I start another but with doing the demonstration stuff for 'The Ladies', it all got a bit out of hand.
I'm in the process of thinking and pondering...I need a name for this wonky one, I want a 'cool' name for it.
Here's the back, beautiful, rich colours. It's from my stash. The main fabric was bought about 8 years ago when we drove up to San Antonio, Texas from Mexico City when we lived there, a mighty long way! All 6 metres were purchased with the intention of making a Kaleidoscope quilt, too gorgeous... I couldn't cut it up!
It has pheasants all over it, I could write on the label, 'I'm Not A Pheasant Plucker I'm A Pheasant Plucker's Quilt! ha ha ha... you know that cheeky rhyme don't ya?
I still want to make something with the block I made at the Phillipa Naylor workshop ages ago, but that one need a lot of thinking. I have the Sunflower-ish block from the Jennie Rayment workshop that will never be finished by me... it's just not blowing my frock up at all... On the whole, I'm catching up very nicely.
There's no Uttoxeter Quilt Class today and it's absolutely horrible outside... Quilty Quarters... here I come!!

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Maggi said...

No good at names I'm afraid but that fabric is so vibrant.