Friday, 2 September 2011

SPQ Evening

Wow!!! What a fantastic evening with Ferret. We're not supposed to take photographs during the talk so... I didn't! This is the room just as show and tell started, I know it's a rubbish picture, you can see I was standing behind my Table Top Shop, wadding in the van... it's difficult to choose what to take with a two table limit, I'll just take something different each time. Annie Pie and Wendy were on hand to help me, thank you ladies. I think my next date is the Christmas party in December, Oh no... a flash back... 
Last year, the Christmas party was cancelled as we had toooo much snow! ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

A very entertaining evening. You just reminded me I have a rotary cutter blade still in my bag!! Please no snow again this year:((