Thursday, 8 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chatty Cathy's Railfence table runner is coming along nicely. See how the positioning of the colours makes it all look three dimensional... I think that's really cool... and so does Cathy. Only her second week, I have to tell you, this lady is completely hooked... she's writing everything down, every tiny detail, with so much enthusiasm... her table runner needs to be long and thin so she's to cut another two sets of strips, she's going to finish the top centre at home so that she can learn about borders, backing and sandwiches next week... and quilting , lets not forget the quilting.
Maggie has quilted her quilt all over with Ditch Hopping... actually, there's not a lot of Ditch Hopping, it's mainly 'Stitch in the Ditch', well done to Maggie! The patchwork design's so lovely that Maggie didn't want the quilting stitches to stand out too much. There's just two lines of stitching to do around the border and Maggie can shout out "Toot, Toot, Toot, I've finished, wooohooo!!!!" and if she doesn't... I will do it for her.
Marion came to play, she was sort of doing patchwork... she has to make cushions, stunning cushions! Here's one of them. You can sew whatever you want in our Quilt Cave, Marion is not the first lady to run up a none quilty project, so long as you know what you're doing. She's piped all those little red strips and the back of each cushion has a zip, a beautifully stitched, perfectly straight, neat and tidy ZIP!! wonder whether she could teach me how to do a zip... what with my 'Zip-fobia' and all, he he he
Jolly Jo, also only her second week with us, admitted that she had had so much fun last week that she had gone straight home full of inspiration and carried on sewing for a few more hours... Fantastic eh! She's almost finished the quilting on her leafy Churndash, un-stitched lots of the diamond blocks that were causing so many piecing problems... some times it's easier to start from scratch than it is to correct stuff.... and this week she treated herself to the start of another project, woooohooo... Split 4-Patch.
Annie Pie carefully marked up her Square Dance quilt ready for stitching. She has a Sewline pencil for this job, they're wonderful for marking fabric (did you know about them? I sell them in my Table Top Shop, wadding in the van') She started by drawing two circles in the centre then drew lines out like sunshine rays... not all perfectly measured, Annie was happy with 'sort of, more or less level' PMS (Pleasing My Self!!)
She had finished the quilting by the end of our day with only the borders to go... and it looked great, lots of ends to tie off but she doesn't seem to mind that job. Here's the back, stunning eh... Annie had a lot of the border bits left over, a perfect addition to a stunning backing fabric. We love to use pieced backing... so much so that a lot of us make an extra block or two with the full intention of putting it on the back.
Lacey Anne continues working on her scrappy Katharine Guerrier project quilting and, in the meantime, she's made this quilt, pieced, sandwiched and quilted at home. She needed binding fabric and knew exactly which one she wanted, from Table Top Shop... that would be the Moda, pink diagonal check... one that Lacey Anne has had her eye on for quite a while, perfect for this job.

We had lots of other ladies with us, alas I don't have pictures of their wonderful work... there are no pictures of the delicious scones with syrup-ed strawberries and cream that Annie Pie treated us to either!!... That's how it has to be sometimes.
If you want to see everything, you'll just have to come over and play!! Caverswall Village Hall (post code ST11 9ED) Wednesdays and Fridays, 10am - 3pm. We don't expect you to stay all day if you're too busy, if you want to come only to be shopping... that's just fine... stay for a cup of tea though eh!

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Maggi said...

Love how your 'new girls are coming along. Cathy's rail fence is great and the fabric that Jo is using is so unusual and works really well. Totally agree about cutting your losses and starting again at times. Those cushions of Marion's are stunning, brilliant piping. Great choice of backing for Annie's quilt and that binding is just right on Anne's.