Thursday, 19 April 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I don't think you will ever see anyone more excited about a quilt than Chatty Cathy. She is positively bubbling with with excitement... and who can blame her as her quilt is fantastic. She had decided to make up all of the blocks from Alex Anderson's book 'Start Quilting' just to get some good practice... and this is the result She made her sandwich and has now started the quilting.
Charlotte joined us for the first time. She's a very confident slicer... usually, right at the very beginning... it's really hard to cut with a rotary cutter and folk feel they will never be able to cut a full slice, not Charlotte... it was a 'Duck To Water' thing, so she made great progress with her Railfence design. She cut 2 1/2" strips as this will be a bed scarf not a table runner.
Early Sue had been busy quilting at home and had almost finished her quilting, she had marked the first few curved lines to get a good idea of what it would be like and the rest were stitched free hand. She finished the last bit of free motion in the centre of the Cathedral-ly bits during our day and then trimmed up the crusts on her sandwich. This quilt will have Faux Piped binding which Sue made during the day too.
Gilly is a very methodic lady... each of the Half Square Triangles (HST's) is having it's first log added and those binding clips help Gilly monitor her progress, I think there's 10 in each bunch, 10's are easier to count... even I can do that!
Krafty Karen continued to work on her Pineapple Blossom blocks, it's more like Blackcurrant Blossom with all the gorgeous purple fabric she's using. The black print proved a little tricky, one centre block got itself flipped to the wrong side, silly thing... so were expecting an interesting backing for this quilt, those tone on tone fabrics are very easy to stitch in upside down... This picture is a "Gone To Lunch" moment, ha ha ha
My Mum Gwynneth wanted to make a few small projects for the caravan, starting with table mats. After flicking and choosing through my block books she decided on the trusty Churndash block. There's no point having lots of seams on a table mat, especially in the centre of the block, it will make your wine glass topple! he he he
Shirley Lerly's quilt is coming along a treat. She carefully checks her seam junctions with a very satisfied expression... She's joining the rows into two's now... so the end is near... growing daily this quilt top's getting quite close to sandwich time, unless the borders have intricate piecing... hmmm I wonder what plan Shirley has for the borders?

Marisabel is making half log cabin blocks. It's a pattern from the internet, you will find it here ... Marisabel is going to make lots of blocks in quite different colour ways then we will lay them out to decide on the fabric mixes to use for the last few blocks... at least that's the theory...

That's a long post eh... there's more but I will show that next time...

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Helen said...

Love Marisabel's fabrics, are they from your shop? Bjs Helen