Monday, 30 April 2012

Thursday Stitching

New Sue proved just how fabulous the Railfence blocks can look... She used rather scrumptious Batik fabrics with two different colour ways in the blocks, keeping the focus batik fabric in both sets... I'm not sure that makes sense but I know what I mean... do you follow? Click the photo for a closer look.
I almost always teach beginners using the Railfence blocks because they are very forgiving and always looks great, so it, the Railfence design, tends to be made only by beginners... which is a shame when we can make such gorgeous projects with it.
New Sue is now making Paper Pieced Log Cabin blocks... It was her first time paper piecing but she soon got the hang of it... soon realising how difficult it is to 'un-sew' those tiny little stitches... Sue will persevere a little longer with the Paper Piecing but there's a slight chance that this quilt could have free pieced Log Cabin blocks... we'll see how she gets on next week...
Geoff spent the day with us again. He finished quilting the Railfence zig-zag design. Stitched In The Ditch (though we know it better as Ditch Hopping!) on both sides of the inner green and pink borders then echo stitched in the main border. Crusts were then trimmed off and binding was made.
Pam finished her Mat & Ruler Bag using my free Tutorial, it's really eye catching with the luscious purple fabrics... The bag, not the tutorial... I'll try to get a picture for you next time...(Click on the tab at the top of this blog if you would like to make a Mat & Ruler Bag for your very own self, there will be a 'Printer Friendly' version added very soon)... Pam's making two little quilts for her cake basket using these lovely country fabrics... you really can't beat the Ohio Star block... I love it!

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