Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rail Fence Table Runners

These ladies came to the first beginner class which started 3 weeks ago. This lovely green and yellow combination belongs to Judith, she had decided to quilt using threads that closely matched her fabrics... it looks fabulous. She very quickly got the hang of quilting with her new walking foot and will probably finish the quilting at home.
This quilt sandwich belongs to Bev. She's very happy with her table runner as it's a perfect match to the décor in the room where it will be used, clever lady... forward planning! She stayed a little after class to finish putting the curved safety pins in place, sandwiching is a job that has to be finished one it's started... next week Bev can start her quilting.
This Ralifence Table Runner belongs to Pam. This is her second quilt, she bought the fabrics at the end of her second lesson so she could 'have a go' at home, didn't she do well! Pam's first runner (do you remember it... shades of orange with brown?) is being quilted and as soon as it's ready, this luscious green one will become a sandwich too.

The ladies are making great progress and are really enjoying learning their new skills.

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