Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quilty Quarters In My Very Own Quilt Shop

For the first time since opening My Very Own Quilt Shop (you must have heard me mention My Very Own Quilt Shop once or twice before this?) the classroom was empty of folk, so... I set up the Juki TL98 Sewing Beast and, in between serving and chatting to customers, I quilted.
This is My Mum Gwynneth's quilt and she requested 'curly quilting' which she doesn't want to do... just following the leaf design and meandering on the logs, quite simple really... I didn't finish it but I made a good start, it's a wonder I knew how to thread the machine, it's been so long since I played stitching!
Looking at this picture now, the blue chair should have been swapped for a green or an orange one, the blue with those gorgeous Autumnal colours just doesn't do it for me! ha ha ha


Helen said...

Mum's quilt is so gorgeous!! The Juki looks about the same size as my Brother PQ1500 - so much easier to quilt with the larger throat space!

Sounds like YOUR VERY OWN QUILT SHOP is a winner! oh, and yes, you really do need to "stage" your photos better..... we all noticed the blue chair.... NOT! My friend had her photo taken along with her quilting group when they were busily pinning a large quilt on a big table... and all you see in the photo is their bottoms!!


from Helen (WHO DOES NOT HAVE HER VERY OWN QUILT SHOP... cry cry cry :-))

Maggi said...

You had better bring it to show and tell as soon as it's finished - or get your mum to. The blue is complementary to the yellow on the Juki so it does work in the photo.

Annabelle said...

Lovely quilt but would love a close up of the curly quilting. Any colour chair works well "in your very own quilt shop!"
I have today done a post about my son's "very own shop" (sadly bikes not crafts) - but still feel proud so can only imagine just how PROUD you must be. xx