Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quilting News

 Jolly Jo, the prize winning cake maker, volunteered her very own self, quite by accident, to make a possible prize winning bag... Of course, now that it's time to make this bag she's wondering why she volunteered at all. She's used the William Morris fabrics to make the Bargello ( ha ha ha... spell check says Bargepole!) background and spent the day cutting out silhouettes of  The Strawberry Thief... I can see a prize winner... can you?
 Giggly Gillian spent her day making more of these fabulous bright blocks. Originally they would make a double size quilt... Gillian had decided to only make a single quilt... after a quick count up of exactly how much fabric she purchased in order to make the project in the first place... it's back to where it started and will be a double bed sized quilt.... she'll do apartment quilting, of course.
 Early Sue had a little Toot Toot Toot moment... This is a Ten Minute Block quilt, finished off with Faux Piped Binding. Each square was cut to 7" (I think), it's such a clever design. Originally it was a great way to use the Layer Cakes (10" squares) but it really works with any size of block with any mixture of fabrics too.
Lovely Lyn has finished yet another baby quilt. This one was needed in rather a hurry so she "bagged" the layers together before completing the quilting. All the ladies looked on with great interest... all they could take note of was the speed at which the quilt was finished.... Bagging a quilt is OK for small projects but it can't half cause you headaches if it doesn't go quite to plan, ask me how I know that!


Dottymo said...

Looks beautiful, especially the colours.

Annabelle said...

Lovely stuff yet again.
According to your spelling Jolly Jo did really well with her excellent bag while drinking wine (think you meant winning) and making cakes. Think I would like to meet this fun person. Hic Hic xx