Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lovely Lyn's Bunny Quilt

Lovely Lyn finished her Bunny baby quilt... when she pulled it out from her bag to show us, she had us laughing... she said she had taken the pink appliqued noses off and replaced them with brown fabric as she thought the pink made the bunnies look like pigs... she changed their black eyes to brown because she thought the black made the bunnies look evil... oh dear.. All 3 bunnies have an extra layer of wadding under them, a) because we could see through the white fabric and b) to make the bunnies phooophy...
The quilt is finished with faux piped binding... the tiny white piping finishes the quilt off perfectly doesn't it. Lyn quilted free motion loopy-loops... she's getting much more confident doing free motion now... I heard her telling someone in class that the only way to improve is to 'go for it' and I completely agree! Can you see the fabulous backing fabric... Lyn bought it from my Very Own Quilt Shop, did I mention my shop before? ha ha ha

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