Sunday, 8 April 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Friday Quilt Club was integrated with a beginner class because I didn't expect to be very busy... Oh, I'll learn! We were quite busy indeed.
Barbie had a little help from Maddie with the applique flowers on this quilt so it's almost done, the next border is made from white on white fabric bricks (rectangles), see the fabric piles on top?...
Barbie is already a good way into making another quilt, exactly the same but slightly different... that's what can happen when you show someone what you are making... they might want one too... here Barbie is tracing the pattern one more last time... well that's the story to date
We had a lovely lady join us as a beginner on Monday afternoon, Ena, she might have to be known as Arty Ena as she's a real and propa artist... She wants to learn to hand piece. We're starting off with a cushion size Ohio Star block, always a winner. Ena came back for a second class on Friday to spend a day stitching joined by her daughter...
Anne who is machine piecing everything. Of course, we start with the fabulous and forgiving Railfence Table Runner... not that it needed to be forgiving at all as Anne's strip sets turned out to be a perfect 5" wide so she could cut 5" square blocks. By the end of the day this quilt top was almost ready to sandwich... very luxurious fabric choices eh!
That's our Friday in brief, Helen finished another of those Kanji/Kenji applique patches, she made it terribly blurred though so my poor camera didn't focus very well, ha ha ha. Maid Marion was studying the Heirloom Quilt book so she could plan all of the next few weeks of work, she wants to take it on her holidays by the sea.


Faith said...

Thankyou for showing, I love the applique design.
Did you trace on paper then placed the paper underneath the material to put the applique shapes onto? what sort of pen pencil? did you use to trace the design onto the fabric?

Jill said...

Glad it's all going so well for you. Love seeing all the projects, keep them coming.

Love Jill x