Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Monday Quilt class

Bev leaves all her tying off to be done as homework. She can only stitch at quilt class so there's no point in using her time for stuff that can wait. She finished the main quilting and changed thread colour to quilt the borders. I bet we will be trimming crusts off next week.
When Sarah joined us last week she didn't even know how to thread up a sewing machine... this week when she arrived, she set up and started sewing with confidence. She had all of her blocks in the right order and started sewing them together, she's doing really well...
Judith finished her table runner last week, just a little hand stitching for the binding to do as homework, it's all finished now but I didn't get a picture. What I did get though, is this picture of her scrappy fish tank runner... for under the fish tank no less... Judith knows the fish won't mind if she practices her piecing skills and a little free motion doodling on their quilt, he he he
Pam wanted to make a Mat & Ruler bag... the tutorial's availabubble on a top tab on this blog. She's new to quilting so we started off with "Ribbons" Pam used a rather gorgeous Rainbow thread, variegated threads make even the most basic quilting look fabulous. The fabric Pam chose is from the Fabric Freedom basics... it's really scrumptious... don't you think?

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