Friday, 20 April 2012

More from Caverswall Quilt Cave

I always wear an apron when I'm working... It's become a bit of a 'thing' of mine... I make aprons out of fabric scraps, left over blocks and out of very cool fabric... This apron is made from really funky fabric purchased from My Very Own Quilt Shop... but it's not mine... as you can no doubt see it's an apron made by our very own Joan The Shop and she's made sure no-one else can use it by appliquéing her very own name right there... front and centre... Now, of course, we all want one with our daft names on them... watch this space, I'll keep you posted as/if they get made, a little bit of fun to bring on a smile or two eh...
Joan has been working on this 10-Minute block quilt of late. As very often happens at out Quilt Cave, Joan's taken it a step further... in her Cathedral-ly centres she's added a fussy cut piece of floral voile, purchased in France, and she's finished each one off with fancy machine stitching with a variety of variegated thread... very arty farty eh... Joan's just about ready to start stitching the blocks together.
and now... ta daaaa... Late Sue finished her quilt top, pieced her backing and made a sandwich, all hands on deck for the pinning, it's a huge quilt! Sue designed this quilt, all by her very own self. In the picture I have the attention of the ladies as I explain about the process, the decisions and dilemmas Sue has encountered on the way. That's Sue looking on with great interest... I don't think she realised how she came to make such a lovely quilt top... she knows now though, after my little reminder... Sue will spend many hours quilting this project... we might not see her for a few weeks as she said she was going to lock herself away until it's finished, she's got a Juki Beast (TL-98) so it won't take her so long really (see my apron?)

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