Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mystery Margaret's Quilt

This quilt is Mystery Margaret's second... I know what you're going to say "No Way...! I promise you though, it is her second quilt, click here to see her first quilt which was a beautiful Rainbow of butterflies... This is a large quilt, you can see it took two ladies to hold it up. Margaret saw a quilt design somewhere and loved it... she made a tiny sketch of it to help her remember, then made this one for her very own self... it looks woven doesn't it. It's been free motion quilted with a loopidee-loopy design... stitched on Margaret's very basic, domestic sewing machine... I hope it inspires some of you to just have a go... only if you want to of course. I wish the photo showed up the quilting better for you to see. Of course I blame the lights in the village hall... not my photography skills! ha ha ha

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swooze said...

My congratulations to Margaret. She did a lovely job.