Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tuesday Quilt Class

Lovely Lyn's baby quilt... cute eh... she put a piece of wadding under each bunny appliqué for two reasons, a) to make bunnies look phooophy and b) because we could see the pink flowers through the white fabric so the wadding disguised that a bit. Lyn has quilted with free motion and during class she trimmed the 'crusts' and made Faux Piped binding, that will be the pink flowers with white piping... lovely.
Giggly Gillian had us laughing... She was teaching Lovely Lyn how to join her strips for binding... She chose to be teacher because she knows very well how to do it... most of the time, for most other things Gillian doesn't remember how to... so we stopped and luxuriated in the moment.... you can see Gillian's nails had been prepared earlier! ha ha

 This is Stephanie, she's an experienced sewer and has been teaching herself how to do Patchwork and came to class for a few Top Tips about making sandwiches and the Quilting. She popped on her walking foot and was half way through the quilting by the time she went home... see the blurred hands... that's how fast she moves... a professional stitcher!
Helen finished the commission quilt... Toot Toot Toot. Faux Piped Binding of brown with a highlight of bright blue, boy does it look fabulous. The lady who commissioned Helen has asked for a quilted pillow to be made from the left over fabrics so that's Helen's next job. The patchwork part is done so it just needs a little quilting.
Giggly Gillian finished off the quilting on the borders of her sheep quilt and decided to use traditional binding. She joined the strips very professionally, see picture of nails above and imagine green fabrics, he he he... Gillian enjoys hand stitching the binding so that's a job for homework.

It looks like both Gillian and Lyn will be starting new projects next week.... wonder what they will decide to make?


Maggi said...

Gret results from everyone. The bunnies are cute.

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed the morning thanks Angie. "Top tips" really useful especially the anti birds nest strategy!
see you soon.