Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday Beginner Class

It's not very often I teach hand piecing. Ena joined us wanting to make a cushion by hand... here's her Ohio Star block ready for a border treatment, didn't she do well. She sat stitching at each class while she listened to all the machines humming along... and she's tempted... Ena's next cushion could very well be made by machine. With hands that don't want to play with a tiny needle she just might find it easier too...

Afternoon Judith (We have a Morning Judith too) made her sandwich and spent the rest of the class quilting it. Shadow quilting the zig-zag rails is usually quite easy but when your fabrics all blend so well you have to keep a close eye for when it's time to turn a corner. Judith now knows very well, how to 'unsew', tie off ends and thread them through.

Bev works on her project only during class so she decided to do all of the quilting by machine leaving the tying off of the ends for home work... a good plan... better to get more stitching done during the class eh

Anne (Ena's daughter) added her outer border first of all then we made her sandwich. She's thrilled with her table runner... can you see the 3D-ness (I know it's not proper English Mum! ha ha ha) Anne made a good start on the quilting and is hoping to have the quilt finished very soon as it's a gift for someone very special.

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