Sunday, 29 April 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Foot decided to put her Chunky Churndash quilt on hold... she had made Quick Table Toppers as for Christmas gifts (to be honest I think we all did!) anyway... the recipients loved the little quilts made with Christmassy fabrics and asked Chris to make them another using 'year round' colours, so that's what Chris is working on at the moment.
My Mum (Gwynneth) was going to make two little table place mats for their caravan but, as the table is quite small, it was proving more sensible to make on large table mat to cover the whole table... she's also quilting the sandwich she made last Saturday in My very own quilt shop (he he he... still love saying it!)
Lynda had finished her very colourful Pineapple Blossom lap quilt and decided to make a matching bag in which to gift it. One left over block is all you need to make the whole ensemble perfect. What a lovely idea to make the quilt even more special.
Gilly continued to piece her Log Cabin blocks. She purchased a 1/4" foot this week and was amazed how it helped her accuracy and... better still... she was able to stitch a little bit faster too... that's gotta help eh! The blocks are taking shape very nicely indeed.
Wendy's making cushions. She's been keeping an eye on folk making the 10 Minute Block quilts during our meetings and she could resist no longer...  Wendy's used the smallest squares yet, I was thinking the Cathedrally window bits would get too fiddly... but they are fine, not too fiddly at all and look quite lovely too, don't you think?
More later....

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