Wednesday 19 June 2013

Fun Stitching Day

25 of us had a most lovely day stitching little quilts for the Linus project.
Heather, the Linus Lady, had done all the hard work by providing a complete, pre-cut kit for each of us so all we had to do was stitch the various pieces of fabric together, following a small diagram, which produced the quilt top... just like that! Next job was to make a sandwich... using 501 spray... which was a first for many of us... then quilt with a simple design and bind the whole thing with what ever method we could.
Lots of quilts were finished and those that weren't quite, went home with their quilter to have a few more minutes of stitching done to them... they can be donated in a week or so.

A few of us with a small selection of the quilts we made
What a fantastic way to spend a day... stitching quilts in great company for a great cause, lovely cakes, biscuits, tea and coffee... chatting and laughing and a superb re-cycling raffle as well!!!
This day will be repeated in the Autumn!!
Thank You Heather xx


Maggi said...

What a lot you all got done and for a very good cause. I am surprised though that 505 spray is used on quilts that are going to possibly be used with very young babies.

gardenpat said...

Oh, how I love that 501 spray! It lets me quilt even a queen size quilt on my regular domestic machine without a single pin and, more importantly, without a bunch of wrinkles in the backing!!!