Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stitching News

Hooooray... Giggly Gillian finished the Blooming Bargello quilt top and made a sandwich. The idea of the pattern was to start off with a pink left hand side and slowly pass through all the colour combinations, which was really complicated, to finish with a completely purple side on the right...
 it looks like we did it... I think!
The pattern for the following wall hangings is from a supplement leaflet that was in an old magazine and it's by Pat Sloan. It's quite a few years old and I eventually made it in  2009. Some of the Tuesday ladies saw my quilt hanging on the wall in my very own quilt shop and asked for a workshop about making it. There's just too much in the quilt to fit into a workshop so I helped them decide to make one each and all work together on Tuesdays... with me, supposedly, guiding them... they're a very switched on bunch though... take a looky where they're up to...

Aren't they fabulous!!! Once all four are finished I am hoping to have them all hanging on display so that you can come to see them... personally, I love to see the same quilt pattern made by different people, all hanging together... all the same, yet completely different!

Princess Jackie is piecing with a Jelly Roll, it's another pattern from the 'Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Pack' book, though there's a free pattern also on called Pineapple Blossom. It's actually a pattern availabubble on the t'interweb under many different names these days.
Did you spot Jackie's new mobile phone support?

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