Friday 7 June 2013

New Sue's Quilts

New Sue, with no help from quilting elves she informs me, they're all done by her very own self... has finished more lovely quilts so it's Toot toot toot time...
This extremely cute kiddlie play mat pattern is from the book Cuddle Me Quick. It's been a top seller in My Shop as there are loads of timeless, useful patterns in it. The fabrics are mostly from Sue's very own stash with a sprinkling of fabrics from you know where... I hope you can see the quilting...
New Sue attended the Spinning Summertime workshop recently. The colours she chose are multi purpose... Red hot British summertime with rich orange-y sunsets and scorching temperatures... or ... we could just skip the summer... like we did last year, and go directly to the onset of a most wonderful Autumn with the spectacular turning of trees... we will have to wait to see what we get this year?... Sue's ready either way!
Last but not least... a simple little push chair quilt made of left over fabrics from a  previous project, which, I believe, was also for a push chair (Stroller?) I'm thinking that there's a baby somewhere who will be wrapped in Nana's quilts for the rest of his life! What a lucky little fellow!

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