Monday, 10 June 2013

Quilty Quarters

When dawns crack and tweeting birds decide you should be up at 4am there's no point in fighting them... besides, that's two extra hours for my day isn't it... most of the domestic goddess duties were done good and early... me ready for lunch at 9am!.. I looked at my clock and saw how much I had achieved while some folks were still enjoying their leisurely start to Sunday. 
I decided to play in Quilty Quarters.
This is my 'design wall' it's so very useful. I can stick fabrics and blocks to it, stand back and think what to do next... or just leave it there and do nothing as is the case with that wonky blue-ish block on the left... it's been stuck there for a couple of years by now, the result of a Phillipa Naylor workshop... I never felt inspired by it so it sits waiting. The pinkish block was an experiment done with a few HST's (Half Square Triangles) I stitched them together into a large Pin-Wheel, didn't like it and decided to give it the chop and sew it back together again... it will be worked with, so it's just waiting it's turn. The main project on the design wall is also an experiment. Lovely Lyn purchased the fabrics a while ago, she started to make a Bento Box quilt and half way through she decided she just was not enjoying working with the fabrics, they are quite different, purchased for their bargain price rather than love of the actual fabrics... I'm sure we've all done that?
Anyway, Lyn donated the lot to my stash, thank you Lyn (I think) I continued piecing the Bento Box design to use up all the blocks and strips that were already made and cut. Yesterday, with lots of the 'different' fabric still left, I made lots of 6" Chunky Churndash blocks to use as the border... I still don't love the quilt but I'm not going to be beaten by 'different' fabric... at very least it will be great free-motion quilting practice!

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