Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stitching News

Bargello designs always look a lot more complicated than they are.. at least to me they do. I thought this project... with strips cut to 3", might be a little easier so, maybe foolishly, I encouraged Giggly Gillian to try it.
I am now "Serving Time"... ha ha ha. It is easy really, once you get your head around it... the trouble is... my head won't go round! Gillain has so much faith in my abilities, bless... she doesn't read my blog so she won't know about this confession, ha! I am not going to give up... we may be creating a new design?

Ahhh... the Stargazy Daisiez... now it doesn't get much easier than wonky Daisiez,
No Accuracy Required!
I have more patterns in stock now too... these blocks belong to New Sue, who proudly announced that she had finished all the daisiez she needed and could start to join them together.

Also joining blocks together is Jean Bean... in between helping out as part of my trusty J Team in the shop, she was able to start making rows with her splendidly pieced quilt blocks, this is the centre row, the pattern is from the  Two From One Jelly Roll Quilt book... isn't it looking beautiful?

It's always great to see a busy table, Gigly Gillian working on The Bargello, Lovely Lyn quilting and Princess Jackie's cut out fabrics for a new project... Merrily was working to the left there only ten minutes earlier... she left at lunchtime and before the door closed behind her... the table was full up! 

These place mats belong to Lovely Lyn, she had stitched other things all morning, made a sandwich, prepared her Mile-a-Minute quilt backing, a little window shopping too! Lyn spent the afternoon quilting the Goosey triangles on her new placemats, with care it's possible to do them all without stopping to tie of ends! Very industrious eh!

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