Thursday 13 June 2013

Stitching News

A busy table... it's Princess Jackie and Lovely Lyn quilting their wonderful wall hangings with Giggly Gillian stitching and unpicking that blooming bargello... it's almost finishd.
My Mum Gwynneth's latest table topper, a rather stunning centre with a plan to do a workshop for the Lone Star design. She's working on a fabulous border treatment to use up the remaining strip set pieces.

Annette is perfecting her little pin-wheel blocks.
 Each main block needs 4 pin-wheels so with 9 blocks needed for the quilt, that's 32 pin-wheels in total. The yellow spotty fabric will be Annette's background...
For sure this will be a very happy quilt.
Mary purchased this Layer Cake on Monday to make a pattern from one of her books. She made one Hour Glass block during her Monday class but went home a little concerned about the remembering of how to make it... Wednesday class... the penny dropped and she completed them all!
My Wife Beth finished appliquéing her butterflies at home and embroidered their antennae. At our Quilt Cave she pieced some fabrics together to make a fabulous backing and made her first ever, real and proper sandwich...
 It's now ready for quilting.
Chatty Cathy had a few stitchy thing to sort out... seems a machine with a loose needle doesn't make a pretty stitch, especially on the back of your quilt... now Cathy knows to use the little T shaped screwdriver to tweak the needle screw in good and tight, so this won't happen again. Lovely nails Cathy!

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