Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stitching News

Wendy finished another extreeeemely stunning quilt... Poppies. It's a pattern from a book, which I neglected to get the name of. Most of Wendy's fabrics were purchased from my very own quilt shop... last year when it had loads of space!
Tootetty Toot Toot Wendy, your quilt is absolutely beautiful!
Oh, what a talented lady.

My Wife Beth added the inner and outer borders at home and arrived for her stitchy day with some sticky stuff to learn how to do appliqué... soon enough... another skill was mastered, as you can see... butterflies just need to be zig-zagged around the edges... I'm thinking, for next week... sandwich?
Shirley Lerly's sashed rows are coming together very nicely. We had extra tables out and they always come in handy for laying projects out  making it much easier to keep track of where things go... but it would have been fine, as you can see, Lerly has everything labelled, smart eh!

In between all of the projects that Wendy is working on, and we could be talking about twenty or more!... she's continually making up Crumb and Mile-A-Minute blocks. They're a great pass-time... The problem is that each block creates more scraps... with that and the fact that scraps multiply every time it gets dark, makes the using up of all scraps almost impossible.

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Maggi said...

Wendy's poppy pieceis stunning.