Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stitching News

Jane Again had done lots of homework on her Railfence not a table runner... this one will be used as a chair throw, good idea eh... so, after adding the two borders Jane was able to make a sandwich and start quilting... just about 20 stitches were sewn and it was time to pack up... where did the day go?
PM Pam had purchased another book recently... did I tell you what an amazing choice of books I have in my very own quilt shop? Pam's new book is full of lovely paper piecing patterns. These perfectly  pieced trees will become a rather lovely tree skirt for 'sewing prevention' season.

Karen's quilting is almost finished so she decided to get all the ends tied off and threaded through... it's the neatest way to finish things and beginners are always encouraged to do, at least, their first project this way... after that it's up to them.. PMS (Pleasing My Self) I do have to say though, most of us still tie off  and thread through... do you?

Christabelle's kiddy quilt top. A slip with a rotary cutter lead to  the learning of new skills for the corner stone detail. Chris now knows how to mitre corners and match patterns, he he he. Of course no one would never know... and I won't tell anyone, it's just between me and you! ha ha ha

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